Financial aid recipients may earn more than the

## ## Student Employment Resource Center

All full time Colby students, regardless of financial aid eligibility, may hold part time campus jobs. First year aid recipients with student worker aid in their packages who would like to work are encouraged to access our “First Years” search and apply web site to secure employment over the summer. The summer period is devoted to new incoming class, therefore, it is important to be proactive before getting to campus and competing with all students.

Incoming students who have been offered jobs need to meet with their supervisor as soon as possible when they get on campus. No jobs will be held for more than 48 hours once students return each fall. Any student who experiences difficulty obtaining a job is encouraged to visit the Student Employment Office for assistance. All jobs are on campus except America Reads Program positions overseen by the Education Department.

Pay rates range depending on the type of job or the level of knowledge and responsibility required. The level of pay is determined by the Office of Financial Services and is based upon the recommendation of the employer. There is no annual earning maximum, but in order to allow sufficient time for academics and other Colby activities, students are not to be scheduled more than 12 hours of work per week with a 3 hour addendum to allow for special occasions. Students with special circumstances who feel that they need to work more should contact the Student Employment Office. Financial aid recipients may earn more than the amount of student work in their aid packages but are encouraged to discuss their need for additional earnings with a member of the Student Financial Services staff before exceeding the packaged amount.

There are also 50 70 jobs available in the summer through the “Colby Summer Employment” program. Jobs are varied and housing is available. See the campus Human Resource Department (located in Roberts Union) for further details.

If students have any questions about campus employment during the academic year, they are encouraged to contact the Student Employment Office at the Office of Financial Services located on the lower level of the Garrison Foster Health Center building.

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